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The new factory of Wakad stands with proud in 25,000 sq.feet area, with very peaceful and unpolluted environment in green nature.

Here we have separate unit to manufacture pure vegetarian baked products, so pure veg. from New Poona Bakery is really a 100% pure veg. most of our customer is aware of and appreciate it a lot.

We have separate production departments for cakes, breads and puffs.

Well trained personal work with dedication. They are fully aware of cleanliness and personal hygiene keeping working area always spic & span. Further we regularly make microbial test to ensure and maintain hygiene. We implement various quality control methods in manufacturing like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

The ingredients used in preparing recipes is very carefully chosen, & then purchased, then it is thoroughly cleaned, examined and then goes to production. Never we compromise with the quality and never we will....

The mouth watering taste you always find in our products comes from our 47 years experience, discipline, diligence in work.